Alternative dashboard backend loaders


I am new to this list and to dashboard. So please forgive me if I am not up to 

I have been exploring some ideas for remote backends. I am interested in 
trying out some ideas for backends connected over XMPP. From what I can tell 
a number of things would be needed for this to work including a way of 
loading backends that are not represented by a c# assembly in the filestore 
and support for adding and removing backends at run time.

I have hacked together some initial support for loading backends from 
different sources. The attached code (a patch to engine/dashboard.cs and some 
new files) moves the current backend loading code into a new class and adds a 
loader of backendloaders. This enables new backendloaders to be added in the 
same way that the backends can be added at present. At startup each of the 
backendloaders is requested to load its backends. So all the current 
functionality is maintained and none of the existing backends need to be 

Adding support for adding and removing backends at runtime looks possible to 
me but obviously needs some more thought. 

What do people think about this approach?


You can normally find me on Jabber as RichardTaylor jabber org

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