Audio Tag proposed layout

Hi !

Here is a layout I propose for the Music tag reading in beagle:
What do you think about it ?

	FilterMusic.cs (Parent abstract class for music tags, define a method for updating properties with the given tag)
	FilterMp3.cs (Each format has its own handler class file, derived from FilterMusic class)
	FilterOgg.cs (it reads the file, and sends the Tag to the parent method to update properties)
	FilterMusic.cs (a single file contains all of the above		
			Tag.cs (a unified tag for every tag format)
			Mp3Reader.cs (the XXX format reader, get a Stream, returns a Tag)
			Utils.cs (various common static methods)

I finished porting the Mpc, Ape, and Ogg, Mp3 reading to mono, and I just need the layout to implement it in beagle correctly !

See you,

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