Re: Thoughts on renderers and visualization


I had taken Dan's patch against GaimLogBackend with the idea of getting
it to support both the old and new gaim logging formats.  However, my
time dried up due to finals and I never got around to it.  However,
here's a patch that is all of his work applied to current CVS.  It
doesn't support the old style gaim logs, but then again, I'm not sure
how many people will be running dashboard and will also be running an
old gaim.


On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 10:43, Dan Willemsen wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 00:41, Kevin Godby wrote:
> > Ideas for further modifications:
> >  - As an aside, the GaimLog backend needs some love.
> >    The log file format (and location) has changed.  And I'd
> >    love it to return more useful information (somehow).
> Hello,
> I wrote a patch for the new log format back in january or february. You
> can find it here:
> I've tried to keep it current with CVS, but I'm not sure it is at the
> moment. It also probably needs some work to handle some clues better,
> such as a contact alias or screenname showing up in a textblock, etc,
> but those are just improvements I'll work on later.
> I'm pretty busy right now, 4 days of high school left, and 3 major
> projects left to finish, so I can't review it again at the moment.
> Dan Willemsen
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