Re: Thoughts on renderers and visualization

On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 00:41, Kevin Godby wrote:

> Ideas for further modifications:
>  - As an aside, the GaimLog backend needs some love.
>    The log file format (and location) has changed.  And I'd
>    love it to return more useful information (somehow).


I wrote a patch for the new log format back in january or february. You
can find it here:

I've tried to keep it current with CVS, but I'm not sure it is at the
moment. It also probably needs some work to handle some clues better,
such as a contact alias or screenname showing up in a textblock, etc,
but those are just improvements I'll work on later.

I'm pretty busy right now, 4 days of high school left, and 3 major
projects left to finish, so I can't review it again at the moment.

Dan Willemsen

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