Re: Proposal: asyncronous backends

> Your patch seems like a good first step.  I'd suggest creating a new
> delegate type instead of GuiMatchNotifyDelegate.  They have the same
> signature, but I don't think they should be equivalent callback types.

Good point, I'll change that.

> If you wanted to refine existing results, we'll probably need some sort
> of unique ID for each result so that the engine match set can do the
> right thing by removing the old ones and replacing them with the new
> ones.

I'm getting good results by just keeping a reference to the returned
match in the background thread, and modifying it before doing the
callback; I don't know if creating IDs is necessary. Maybe a bit of
locking will be needed on the match. I'll post the updated GeoSites
backend later on so you can see an example of how this works out in


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