Re: RSS renderer

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 15:44, Kevin Godby wrote:

> I removed the indentation and the bullets.  I had originally used these
> so that all the titles wouldn't run together in a blur of blue text.  To
> compensate for this, I used your trick of highlighting every other row
> with a light grey background.
> Also, the original version of the renderer displayed the first sentence
> of the entry (well, up to the first period, at least).  Instead, it now
> displays the first few words of the entry.  See if you like it better.  
> I can't display a certain number of lines, because it there are too many
> variables that I don't control: word sizes, word wrap, font size, screen
> resolution, etc.  So anything I do to limit the display is going to be a
> hack.  Implementation ideas welcome!

This looks awesome!  I put it in CVS.  You rule, Kevin.


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