Re: Some Dashboard hacking...

On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 02:58, crschmid uiuc edu wrote:
> Hiya. New to the list, fairly new to Dashboard.

Welcome to the world of open source innovation ;-)

> Wanted to integrate the tool with my IRC client, so I did. irssi now has 
> a simple frontend - I'm perfectly willing to accept any suggestions as 
> to better ways to do things. Specifically, I'm not sure how the 
> "relevance" should be used in a case of something like IRC.
> uses (included 
> in the Dashboard CVS branch, in frontends) to send a text block to the 
> Dashboard, in the same manner as the "clue" script in frontends.

I dropped this in Dashboard CVS as frontends/

> I also added a patch to textchainer so that any text that starts with 
> http:// and contains "rss" acts as an RSS clue:

This is great too.  It's in CVS now.

> One thing that I'm having a problem with is the fact that I don't use 
> Gnome, so the "links" that Dashboard generates won't work. I've added a 
> try {} catch{} to catch them and hold them from locking up the Dashboard 
> gui, but that's not really the best solution ;) Anyone gotten link 
> launching to work in a non-Gnome window manager? (Specifically, I would 
> rather use FireFox on my machine than just launching with Gnome.) I'll 
> gladly accept any ideas.

Is it actually locking up for you in current CVS?

> This is my first C# project, and my first time working with a project 
> like this at all, but it's turning out to be really cool so far. Nice 
> work to everyone on the project so far!

> Gaim + BugZilla 

I put this one on the web page :-)


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