Re: Cluetype: nick

On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 03:32, crschmid uiuc edu wrote:
> Currently, there's a myriad of different clue types for different 
> services: AIM, yahoo, etc. However, there's no way to associate 
> someone's general nickname with other information.
> As an example, I have a friend who I talk to on IRC. She goes by "dana" 
> (for example). She has a FOAF file at 
> , and it identifies her as a 
> person with foaf:nick of dana - however, this field doesn't match any 
> current clue types that we can send to Dashboard.
> Same applies to my address book - I have a bunch of people stored who 
> don't include information other than nick - but they have, for example, 
> a web page and a blog link that I can present about them.
> This clue type could be sent from applications like address book 
> applications, but it would also be really easy to apply to a case like 
> IRC, where email and other IDs don't apply.
> So, in spirit of filling this gap, I propose a new clue type: "nick", to 
> be used when other more identifying information is not available or may 
> be indescriptive.
> Thoughts and opinions?

This does make sense.  If you could write up some use cases and put them
in cluetypes.txt, that will help other people understand how to use this
Clue type, backend and frontend authors alike.


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