Use of GConf in dashboard

Hi all,

I would like to get involved into the development of Dashboard and began
by looking at the FIXMEs. I saw that there are a lot of hardcoded things
that could be made configurable fairly easily. But I am not sure of the
best way to handle this : per-plugin .xml config file or gconf entries ?
 Something else ?

I have been thinking a bit about a gconf schema for dashboard, and came
upon this layout :


where :
- <module-type> can be either renderer, frontend or backend. The
configuration for the frontend may not fit in here, though, since they
are plugins or patches for the other applications.
- <module-name> is the name of the module (!)

I have already made patches for a few backends : MozillaBookmarks,
Google and Bugzilla. I add the keys to a GConf schema file along the

What do you think of this ? Is GConf the good solution ? If so, is the
proposed layout satisfying ?



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