PATCH: Beagle Spell Checker

Hi all, I hacked up some code to bring a spell checker to beagle.  First sorry
for the long email.  Now because of the veriety of searches that Best will
receive (names, words, phrases...) no single spell checker really does the
whole job.  Therefor I have implemented the spell checker to be as extendable
as possible as to incorporate lots of "dictionarys".  This patch is just of
the utility file that does the work and does not actual function as part of
Best, yet.  It would be nice to get some more dictionarys in it.  Dictionarys
that I have looked at are:

Google     Good:  Incorporates more than just words
           Bad:   Need Net connection to use

Aspell#    Good:  Project on Novell Forge
           Bad:   No code

Aspell.NET Good:  Bindings written
           Bad:   Written with a win32 system in mind

Gnome-spell Good:  Comes with GNOME
            Bad:   Bonobo & Cobra code nastyness

NetSpell    Good:  Very good spell checker
            Bad:   Written for win32

With the Spell Check system I hacked up to incorporate a new dictionary all
that is required is to create a class derived from the generic "Dictionary"
class, and add your spell checker to the initialization in the SpellChecers

To incorporate the spell checker into Best all you need is the following:
SpellCheckers sc = new SpellCheckers (); // Only Done Once
sc.CheckWord (searchString);

Anyways, again sorry for the long email.  Please email me if you have any

-- Joe Gasiorek
gasiorek yakko cs wmich edu

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