gaim frontend with a GUI

Hi all, I have been working on getting the gaim frontend up to a point
were it seems like it does more than 'just work'.  It now includes a
preferences dialog box to configure how gaim interacts with dashboard.
Since the 'conversation-switched' signal seems to be on the flux in the
gaim code, it has been replaced with 'Conversation Window Receives
Click' signal.  I am of course looking for any and all feedback that you
have about the frontend.  I have tested it on gaim CVS and 0.75 and
godbyk has verified that it works with 0.74.  I am distributing it as a
patch to dashboard and it includes my update to the gaim backend (to fix
a change in blist xml formating).  You can grab it here:

If for some reason you need just the patch itself, please email me and
I'll upload one.  Or if you need an ebuild for it, skadz wiki should
still work:

Thanks, slackr.

Joe Gasiorek <gasiorek yakko cs wmich edu>

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