Re: Cluechaining and Original Clues

On Sat, 2003-12-20 at 11:41, Jim McDonald wrote:
> Okay, so from that I'd say that the backends should either receive a
> single cluepacket with all of the chained clues, or multiple
> cluepackets each with their own separate set of clues.  The current
> system of sending multiple cluepackets with overlapping sets of clues
> seems to be redundant.

There were a few premises driving the current (when you wrote this)

        * Cluechaining is a way for backends to augment an incoming
        cluepacket with additional clues that might help other backends
        produce more and better matches.
        * New, chained clues can result in an augmented query which is
        not just broader, but also potentially more specific.
        * Backends should be stateless across a query, so that they are
        easy to write.
So the notion was that the rewritten cluepackets -- the ones with the
new, chained clues in them -- would indeed be redundant and contain
clues which overlap with old clues.


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