gaim frontend/backend patch

I updated the gaim backend to correctly locate alias's and buddy icon's.
The path in the xml file seemed to be of an older version of gaim.  I
personaly am havnig issues with it loading/displaying animated buddy
icons, but this seems to be a GdkPixbuf problem.  godbyk was having
troubles with the gaim plugin (frontend) crashing.  I eliminated one
line in the code and it seemed to work better for him.  I couldn't
reproduce the error, but if anyone is/was/starts having trouble with it
let me know.  You can grab the patch to dashboard to update these files
Its kind of late I might have incorrectly made the patch so you might
have to apply it in a non-regular place (like right outside the
dashboard directory).  Sorry, about that.
If you have have any issues with the patch, email me and i'll try to get
to them after work tomorrow.
Joe Gasiorek <gasiorek yakko cs wmich edu>

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