Re: bugzilla validation

Hi guys,

I've applied the patch, thanks David!

On Sun, 2004-01-04 at 12:34, David Stahl wrote:
> Good day,
> I tried to make sure I had all the latest patches, so hopefully I'm not
> recreating someone else's fix.
> I was getting tired of every numerical clue triggering a slew of
> bugzilla reports for bug ##### with '???' for all the fields so I added
> a check to the xml returned by bugzilla. 
> I noticed that the <bug> tag had an attribute 'error' such that:
> <bug error="NotFound">
> ...
> </bug>
> indicated that you searched on a bogus value.
> I added a function "IsValidBug" that takes the XML and tries to find the
> "error" tag. Right now it returns false anytime there is an "error"
> attribute, or it can't find the "/bugzilla/bug" tag. If there are
> "error" tags that appear even when a legit bug is found, we'll have to
> modify this function to handle them.
> This is my first patch so feel free to criticize style or approach :)
> -D
Andrew Ruthven
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