Re: Recently Used Files backend update

Just a small idea somewhat related to Used Files.

Would it not be a good idea to fire up the indexer on every file that
the indexer can handle and that get's added to "Used Files".

That way the indexer would index things without having to do that
manually. The more you use your system the more it will index your


On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 08:46, Joe Gasiorek wrote:
> Hi all, I updated my recently used files backend to include the
> following:
> * Only reload the XML file if it has been updated (significant speed
> improvement)
> * Use new Path renderer (based of WebLink renderer)
> * Correct some spelling mistakes
> You can grab the patch at:
> dash/rused/rused.patch
> Please email me your thoughts and/or problems you have with it.  Or send
> me (slackr) a message on IRC.
> Thank you to all of you who emailed in last time to correct my
> spelling...I'm very sorry about that, but alas...I can't spell.

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