Hi guys,

In the rich and glorious world of programming, there are various
conventions for indicating that a section of code you are writing has a
known error.  A few of them are:

	// FIXME: Check for null.
	PrintMatrix (matrix);

	// XXX: Check for null.
	PrintMatrix (matrix);

	// TODO: Check for null.
	PrintMatrix (matrix);

	// BROKEN: Check for null.
	PrintMatrix (matrix);

I'd like to ask that everyone use FIXME.  That way, we can easily find
all the known-broken bits of the code.

Dashboard even has an autogenerated list of FIXMEs here:

with convenient links to the part of the code that contains the FIXME.

This is a handy resource for people who want to contribute to Dashboard
but don't know where to start; about half of these are easy-to-fix bits
of laziness.  The other half are deep problems.


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