Re: Gaimlog backend icon patch

On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 12:58, Justin Wake wrote:
> Just a short, quick patch to backends/backend-gaimlog.cs which removes
> the hardcoded icon paths and uses Gnome.IconFactory to try and fetch a
> (possibly SVG) icon for gaim that will (hopefully) match the user's
> theme.

Hi Justin,

This looks good, and decrements our FIXME count :-).  Two comments. 
First, your use of spacing in these two lines is inconsistent:

IconPath = theme.LookupIcon("gaim", 64, icondata, out basesize);
int convcount = LoadLogs ();
In dashboard, we put a space before almost every parenthesis, especially
for function invocations.

You can mass-space open-parens in your source files by doing a
search-replace of " (" with "(", and then following it with a
search-replace of "(" with " (".

Second, if Gnome.IconFactory does give us an SVG icon, will GtkHTML
render it properly?


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