Re: wrong gaim patch in cvs

Hey Joe,

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 15:38, Joe Gasiorek wrote:
> Sorry, for not recognizing this earlier, but the patch that ended up in
> CVS is a patch against dashboard.  The patch that is in the frontends
> directory should be a patch against gaim.  You can grab that patch here:

This seems to apply cleanly against Gaim 0.75.  Nice!  It still has all
the focus bugs, but these are a general problem.  I've put it into CVS. 

For the credits in the release, what changes did you make here?

> The frontends directory seems to be getting quiet full these days (which
> is a good thing!).  But I think we should remove some of the patch's
> that don't need to be applied anymore.  Rhythmbox, and epiphany
> extentions apparently have dashboard built in these days (at least in
> the development track).  Anyway, these extra patch's just seem to be
> confusing people.

Good catch.  I've removed the rhythmbox and epiphany patches.  The
others still seem to be relevant, or at least worth keeping around in
the tarball for instructional purposes.

I also updated the README.



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