Re: Google Backend attached

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 19:49, Don Smith wrote:

> Here's the google backend, that uses webservices.

I had some problems compiling your patch, which I fixed up, and re-wrote
some bits to make the code simpler to read. The revised
backend-google.cs is attached.

> There is a catch 
> however. Google limits each dev tag to 1000 searches per day so right 
> now it looks like each person would have to register for there own tag. 
> I saw something similar on the rhythmbox backend so i'm hoping this is 
> okay.

It's not really the same, the Amazon APIs used by the rhythmbox
(a) Don't force the use of a valid dev tag
(b) Don't put a limit on how many queries can be carried out per day for
a given dev tag.

I'm note sure therefore about how useful the google APIs actually are ..

Anyway - thanks for the work - it's really quite useful [If you have a

// backend-google.cs: Google backend.
// Authors:
//     Don Smith 

using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Xml;
using System.Collections;
using System.Net;

namespace Dashboard {

	class Google : BackendSimple {
		public override bool Startup ()
			this.Name = "Google";
			this.Category = "General";

			try {
				// Subscribe to artist clues
				this.SubscribeToClues ("keyword");

				this.Initialized = true;

				return true;
			} catch {
				return false;

		protected override ArrayList ProcessClueSimple (Clue clue)

                        int max_results=10;
                        string dev_key="INSERT DEV TAG HERE";
                        int start_result=0;
                        bool dupe_filter=true;
                        bool safe_search=true;

                        if (! this.Initialized)
				return null;

			if (clue.Text.Length == 0)
				return null;

			ArrayList results = new ArrayList();
                        GoogleSearchResult gsr;
                        GoogleSearchService searchService = new GoogleSearchService(); 

                        try {
								 "", "", ""); 
                        } catch {
                        	return null;

                        for (int i=0; i < max_results; i++) {
                        	BackendResult GoogleResult = new BackendResult();
                        	GoogleResult.AddItem(new BackendResultItem("GoogleResult",
									   gsr.resultElements[i].URL ));
			if (results.Count > 0) {
				return results;
			} else {
				return null;

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