Re: LimeWire Frontend

On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 01:02 -0500, don smith wrote:
> Right now I'm guessing that this isn't too useful since the amazon 
> lookup only takes place after the track is found in the rhythmboxdb 
> using the rhythmbox backend.


>  Does anyone have any ideas on how an 
> amazon music backend should work? I was thinking perhaps a list of 
> albums with an artist clue and the album cover and track list with an 
> album clue. How does this sound to the rest of you?

The problem is that Amazon is pretty full of chaff, ie multiple copies
of the same album with various [IMPORT], [PRE-RELEASE VERSION 1.ze]
tragged onto the names, with various different combinations of image/no-
image. You'd have to do some messing around to return a sane list. A
good starting place would be the Amazon code in Muine ( That does some stripping and %-based matching
to try and get the right album. One thing it doesn't do (And probably
should) is keep re-trying if the first match it finds has no image.

Lee Willis                                lee leewillis co uk

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