Dbus not responding?

I've been fiddling with several methods of getting Beagle installed
over the last few days.  I gave up on doing it by hand originally, so
I tried the BMG ebuilds which is CVS for Beagle as of 10-17-2004 and
it also included Dbus via CVS as of 11-30-2004.  Just this morning I
worked on it, and got Beagle 0.0.4 installed (using the same BMG
ebuild for Dbus) and I get this message when I search on both

DBus.DBusException: Message did not receive a reply in <0x0015a>
DBus.Message:SendWithReplyAndBlock () in <0x0007c>
Beagle.Factory.Proxy:NewQueryPath () in [0x00005] (at
Beagle.Factory:NewQuery () in [0x0002e] (at
Best.BestWindow:Search (string) in [0x00011] (at
Best.BestWindow:DoSearch (object,System.EventArgs)

Any ideas?

Thanks all,
Scott Ferguson

"Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

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