Atheros: the irony of the situation

J.T. found the source of the Atheros problem and the irony of the
situation is not lost on me, I promise.

The problem is that later madwifi drivers go apeshit when they perform
scanning.  They probably disable interrupts or something dumb but,
whatever it is, during the scanning the driver drops packets like their

Here comes the funny part.  Seriously.  Netapplet performs scanning very

Dave: This explains the reproducible pattern to the packet loss.  Sigh.

To get working wireless:  Upgrade to a newish kernel and turn off

I'll still work on fixing the problem--scanning is broken, after
all--but at least you all have working wireless in the process.

There is now no reason not to use my SUSE 9.2-derived 2.6.8 kernels.
Please upgrade.

	Robert Love

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