Tile Hacking

Hi all, just wanted to plug my latest wiki feature.

Do you ever get a Tile in Best that just doesn't look quite right?  Or
it could look better?  This is handled through Beagle's Tile code. 
New to the wiki (www.beaglewiki.org) is a guide on how to make your
own Tiles, or adjust the ones out there.  Tiles are mainly created
with HTML so very little programming experience is needed.  And best
of of all, there are plenty of examples in the Beagle source tree to
go off of.

You can read about Tile Hacking on the Beagle Hacking Guide:


I apologize ahead of time for all my spelling and grammar mistakes,
but its a wiki, so fix em!

-- Joe Gasiorek
joe gasiorek gmail com

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