Re: Shared local folders scenario / indexing "shared" stuff

* NOTE * This solution has some serious security issues!

Add this to the scenario

The common data resides at a Linux server ( called /shared/data. This is shared with NFS (or Samba) and mounted on the client computers as /data.


1. Compile (with ./configure --enable-network) and install Beagle on the server.
2. Create a user with /shared/data as its HOME.
3. Create a /shared/data/.beagle/shared.cfg file with the following contents:


(this translates the location of data residing on the server to the location accessable from the clients)

4. Start "beagled --enable-network --port 8500" on the server as the user created in step 2. 5. On each of the clients, create a ~/.beagle/peers.cfg file with the following contents:

6. Rock on!


Ralph Aichinger wrote:


I just compiled beagle-0.0.4, and after it has indexed my mail
overnight, I absolutely love it. It really would be helpful at
my workplace, except for one problem. I'll describe the scenario:

Sissy shares her office with 5 or 6 others, using a common folder
to store their ongoing projects, letters, general stuff. This folder is called /data. She wants to search /data with beagle,
and that would even be more useful than searching her own homedir,
because some of her colleagues have the bad habit of moving and
renaming ("cleaning up") stuff. She never finds her documents afterwards.

Can this done with Beagle now? Is it planned? This scenario would
stay clear of some of the problems of indexing the whole disk (e.g.
you would not have to index various useless binary garbage in /usr
or other places).

/ralph -- one minor nit: The BEST window never remembers its location
         on the screen. Or is that a metacity problem?

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