Re: IM log browser mockup, call for hackers?

Ive worked on a IM log viewer for Beagle a while back. It never got in because it used Gtk Html and we switched to gecko. I would be able to write the one tigert has mocked up if I get time (hopefully soon). But I have a dilema whethever it should be a part of Beagle or a standalone app so anynone (like Gaim) could use it. Anyone wit some useful ideas?



Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:


I recently designed a mockup for a IM log browser that would in my
opinion be better than the one in GAIM currently. The improvements
mainly are in the way the list of im logs are displayed, so that they
are grouped per date in a sensible way.

More information and the mockups can be seen here:
If someone wants a small hacking project, this might be a good one to
start with. I am happy to provide assistance with the user interface

The idea is, that when you click an IM log in Best, it would open this
log browser with the actual log selected, and the search term in the
search field, and the rest of the matching logs grouped by timeline in
the list.

Anyway, interested? Let me know! :-)


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