Beagle packages.

Hi guys,

I made some packages of Beagle and a few other utilities, for SUSE 9.1
or NLD 9 (which you probably aren't running).  Included are packages of
D-Bus with C# bindings, Beagle, F-Spot, and my timeline program.  D-BUS
is built out of yesterday's CVS tree.

There's an open carpet channel for all of these available at
To add it, simply do:

	% rug service-add

And you'll see the "Mono Desktop Extensions" channel show up in your
channel list.  From the Red Carpet GUI client, simply do Edit->Services,
Service Add, and type

If you just want to download the packages manually, you can do that too:

These seem to work for me, although I think Trow might have a D-BUS
patch that needs to be put in.

I'm also open to suggestions as to what else should be packaged and put
in this channel.  Muine's on the list; anything else?


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