Re: Patch for the bugzilla backend.


I've applied this patch to CVS.  Thanks Gaute!

Although this backend does need a little work, I've found that it
tends to pickup phone numbers as bugzilla ID's...  What could be 
interesting is to have a chaining backend which only generates
Ximian bugzilla ID's from Ximian mailing lists (or email addresses).
With an initial scan for number groups that look like phone numbers
and ignores them.

This could then be easily extended (hopefully) to other Bugzilla
(or RT, or whatever) bug databases.

I'd envision CluePackets which contain something like:

  <Clue Type="bug_source">Ximian</Clue>
  <Clue Type="bug_id">1234</Clue>
  <Clue Type="bug_type">Bugzilla</Clue>

Just an idea.

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 01:49, Gaute B Strokkenes wrote:
> The bugzilla backend needs a few cosmetic changes to work.
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