Re: QueryContext 'id' in CluePackets?

> If a clue inside a cluepacket is of the cluetype supported by the
> backend, and if the content of said clue has not been seen by the
> backend before in this round of chaining, then send the packet to the
> backend.  Otherwise, discard.
One more thing to add to this mechanism would be: Mark which clues being
passed on to the backend are changed/new and which ones are old (already
seen by the particular backend). Then, if the backend makes a decision
based on a set of clues S, it should make sure that atleast one clue in S
is new/changed, before making the decision. I think that should care of
all the remaining "complex" backends (although some minor work has to be
done by the backends).

> Basically this means that if the bugzilla backend (only interested in
> "bugzilla" clue_types) has already processed a bugzilla clue containing
> "#93898" as a value, it will never be asked to process it again (unless
> another bugzilla clue is added, or the "#93898" is overwritten with
> another value) during the rest of the chaining process.  Meaning it
> won't go fetch the webpage again, or generate new matches for the
> match-cache to discard.
> > > Does jabber have the same concept and usage pattern as dashboard with
> > > regard to injecting new information to annotate/specialize the source
> > 
> > What I was referring to was the common model of having a relatively 
> > simpler data feeder and consumers that took all data packets and rejected
> > immediately those that it didn't want (at the time) to handle.
> Ya, so that makes it a different model to the one used heavily by
> dashboard.
> Also, on thinking about it more, the incremented id in a QueryContext
> idea will not work... if you increment every time there is a change,
> backends will still be reprocessing everytime the cluepacket changes; if
> you increment once per chaining-process, the backend will miss any
> changes made to the cluepacket that might generate new matches.
> Trusting my gut seems to have worked for once :-)
> -Alex
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