Re: Inaugurating this mailing list.


On Sun, 2003-07-20 at 04:23, Nat Friedman wrote:
>         * Fix the focus issues in the core frontend plugins/patches.
>         At least the X-Chat and Gaim frontends will send cluepackets,
>         even if the apps are on separate desktops.  Fixing this will
>         also make Dashboard much more usable on a day-to-day basis.

We should cogitate on this a bit.  I think dashboard should keep a list
of matches for each desktop, and only show clues relevant to the current
desktop.  You should be able to switch between desktops and have the
list of matches that were last generated by apps on that desktop shown

To get this means having frontends send some additional information.
Such as 1) the current desktop number in cluepackets, or 2) the X
windowid of the window generating the clues.  

These are both tricky however, since in the case of (1) it means linking
in libwnck, and in (2) it means always having access to the gtk window,
which I think can be impossible with the various module interfaces.


Hmm, perhaps the dashboard could simply link libwnck and map desktop
changes to focused clues?  Such that focused clues and their matches get
put into the bucket for the current desktop and redisplayed when
switching desktops?


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