Inaugurating this mailing list.

Hi guys - 

We now have a confirmation-required dashboard-hackers mailing list.  We
can use this to talk about what each of us is doing.

My current tasks:

        * Solidify and document the backend interface.
        This mainly requires adding interfaces for dealing with the user
        clicking on/dragging matches, and for separating match finding
        from match rendering.
        * Make the dashboard more stable.
        Currently dashboard requires Mono CVS.  There are also a number
        of other bugs -- deadlocks and such -- that need to be fixed. 
        Anyone not knowing how to contribute right now could help a lot
        by debugging whatever issues they fix.
        A lot of the current issues are in the backends, which tend to
        do a bad job of catching exceptions and dealing with them.
        * Make the dashboard auto-hide.
        I think this would make it easier to run dashboard all the time.
        * Fix the focus issues in the core frontend plugins/patches.
        At least the X-Chat and Gaim frontends will send cluepackets,
        even if the apps are on separate desktops.  Fixing this will
        also make Dashboard much more usable on a day-to-day basis.
That's all for now.


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