Updates Galore Night 2

OK, things done tonight:

* I added a new patch from Jim, which basically just takes out the
thread aborting and now things work a hell of a lot better.  Basically
been running Dashboard for a while and no crashing  Jim said that it
seems to be a Mono bug on the Aborting threads crashes and he filed one,
he can send more info on that.
* Lots more HTML updates.  Eventually we need a better way, but for now
everything looks very nice and the same :)
* Added the RSS backend in to the default build again

Nat, from what I have seen tonight, this is working pretty well.  I have
all the backends running and no major issues.  The only outstanding
issue is the /usr/local issue.  I have tried to come up with a few ways
to fix it but have been unsuccessful as of yet.  If we can get that one
fixed (or else just put a big note in the README), I think we are pretty
much ready to go for a 0.1.  Well, unless someone else has some huge

Oh, and I think Mono 0.29 may be a requirement.  That's the only way I
was able to get the Galeon Bookmarks backend to work and someone is
saying now they are getting segfaults on 0.28 from a copy that I am
having 0 issues with.

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