Update of Stock Quotes Backend, Standardistion of Backend Output

   I was just going through the graphical output of the stock quotes
backend to tidy it up a bit when I realised that I was just stealing
all of the bookmarks backend HTML.  So I figured it would be nice to
provide backends with a generic class for providing output without
having to worry about the formatting (I, for one, can't make output
look nice to save my life).  The class has been added to engine/gui.cs
and is called BackendOutput and has only three methods that anyone will
care about.  The stock quotes backend should serve as an example for
use if you are interested.

   Obviously this is all unofficial, aka not in CVS, so don't depend on it

Patch at http://www.devzero.net/downloads/stockquotesbackend.tar - enjoy.

Jim McDonald

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