Re: Conduit Development

On 12/19/2012 05:17 PM, Mark Walton wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a Linux Mint user and would also like to see the Conduit
> application developed further.
> (My interest is in support for mobile devices to develop an open
> ecosystem).
> Unfortunately it seems that the project team are no longer present or
> working on the software.
> Most updates to the web pages are over two years old, and
> their blogs are also dormant.
> I'm not clear on the best way to restart the project via gnome, or to
> make a fork and set up a new project.
> Some further research will be needed to get this started.
> Mark

nice to meet you!
yeah, syncing to my phone is one of my requirements too.

I think i will learn the code first, and write my thought on conduit
mail-list for discussion.
but I'm afraid it will not happen very soon.
i only have spare time, and I'm not expert on python. :(

The learning could cost me at least one month.
You're on conduit mail-list, aren't you? See you there.

Oh, I'm sure getting in touch with former developers will ease the whole
Let's see if we can get them out of their hiding!

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