Re: Conduit and (subdirectories)

Greetings. I can confirm that subdirectories/subfolders are not being synchronized in 0.3.17. What can I do to help?


On 7/7/08, Luis Panadero<luis panadero gmail com>  wrote:
Hello. Excuse me, I don't know very well were I must send my questions about
Conduit. I'm trying to use Conduit (v 0.3.6) to Sync my account, and
the help It's pretty short :D . I'm trying to upload a series of files and
directories to, inside of a subdirectory (in my case My Files ->
Wallpapers). But I dont know how say to Conduit that put the files in these
subdirectory. I try to put "My Files\ Wallpapers" and "My Files/Wallpapers",
and in both case Conduit create a directory wich the literal name (literaly
"My Files\ Wallpapers" directory ) How I can set Conduit to put it in a
subdirectory ?
Thıs ıs only supported ın the newer conduıt versıon ıf I remember
correctly. Can you please test thıs wıth the latest versıon.

Emaılıng me ıs ok but there ıs also a conduıt malıng lıst. I have ccd
the lıst to thıs maıl and you can fınd more ınformatıon here



I'm afraid that i have a blog :

Jonathan E. Brickman Ponderworthy Music 805 SW Jewell Ave Topeka KS 66606-1610 jeb ponderworthy com

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