Sftp support & GIO auto-mounting


I was looking at Conduit source code for sftp support, I simply get it working
using a two way folder sync but I found in conduit/platform/FileGio.py @ line 10
the following stuff : SCHEMES = ("file://","http://","ftp://","smb://";)

What does this involve for sftp support ?

My other question was about auto-mounting of network drives. During
some tests, I
used some remote folders through smb://. When I don't browse the folder with
nautilus, I get a "Not Configured" in the Folder in the right view of Conduit.
I also noticed when I want to configure the Folder in the Gui, that it get
auto-mounted by Conduit.

Why there is no auto-mounting while using any action on remote folders.

Fabien Bourigault

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