Re: LAN Synchronization in Conduit

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 5:53 PM, Amandeep Singh <aman multani gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Conduiters,
> I have a simple use case that conduit should answer, Many of us manage more
> than 2 systems at home or work places connected via LAN, there is no simple
> and easy solution to keep two folders always in sync ? What do you say
> adding this functionality into Conduits arsenal. I see DropBox guys are
> working on LAN Sync

We currently have 'Network Sync' which lets you sync anything between
two pcs on the same network. However, it is not very efficient for
large files because it pickles the objects before sending them.

Now that GIO is in a good state I would like to re-implement this
using a raw socket server which reads from the GIO local file
representing the remote file to sync. The remote end fetches this file
directly, so no pickling of large files.

Other data types will continue to go through pickle.

Anyone willing to have an attempt at implementing this?


> Cheerz,
> Aman
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