Re: Reg: Prob with python-gdata

2009/3/21 sasi kumar <sasi baratams gmail com>:
> I'm unable to add  google contacts to canvas.  I'm using python2.6 and
> conduit  0.3.15.
> I think the prob lies  with  python-gdata library. I  wrote some scripts (

What error message did you get?

If the google contacts don't appear as one of the office data
providers then it is a problem with importing the modules, can you try
importing and check for any errors

> retrieving contacts etc)  using  python-gdata-1.2.4  library .
> They are working with python2.5  but  not  with  python2.6.  I'd  like  to
> know  whether  it  is  possible  to  remove  gdata  dependency .

gdata is required (for Google Contacts) doesn't make sense to me to
re-invent this module.


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