Re: Needs Merge Conflict

2009/3/16 Andrew Stormont <andyjstormont googlemail com>:
> 2009/3/16 Michael Thompson <michaelnt gmail com>
>> Hi,
>>   in Google contacts the primary email address must be unique across
>> all your contacts. In evolution this is only suggested and not
>> enforced. So it is possible to have two contacts in evolution that
>> must be merged to a single contact to sync with google.

> All you have to do is raise the conflict exception (sorry can't remember its
> exact name) and AFAIK conduit does the rest.

Exceptions.SynchronizeConflictError compares the src and sink and
prompts the user to decide which direction the sync should copy data
using times stamps. It doesn't really help you merge the contacts. In
a one way sync it will flag this conflict every time you run, in a two
way sync it might delete the duplicate contact in evolution.

Might get the basic stuff working before worrying about this too much I guess.


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