Re: Patch for selecting groups in google contacts

2009/3/13 Roumano :) <roumano gmail com>:
> Yes, i have tested from evolution to google contact :

I suspect these are other bugs not related to my patch.

> 1) With 95 Contacts : just 25 contacts are put :

Can you sync from google to a folder, following the patch you should
get all contacts in the folder, not limited to 25.

> 2) If two contacts have the same email :

Which direction were you syncing?

Is it the bug where an evolution contact has more than one primary
email, bug, or where
gdata returns a conflict when trying to create a contact in google and
the code doesn't handle the conflict

> 3) I have selected the Group "System Group: Friends" on the
> configuration but it's not putting on this group
> I don't known if it's related, but i'm a french and this group is name
> "Amis" for me, not Friends.

The names of the groups are as returned from the gdata API, I think it
mentions that the names of "system groups" may not be localised, so it
shouldn't make any difference.


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