[Weekly report] Week 7: Conduit

Sorry for the late report, I'm having some personal issues, with me having a minor infection, which I think will be fine but is getting me into more doctors then I wanted to, and now my brother is hospitalized until friday. I think he'll be fine, but these things are delaying my work

Anyway, last week I got to implement saving and restoring SyncSets to GConf. It was not on my todo list for GSoC, but because a Conduit daemon would rarely shutdown and SyncSets are only saved when Conduit closes (and especially when it is successfully closed), it's a better idea to keep configuration settings on GConf, so it's automatically saved when something changes. The XML format is still kept around, it still has it's uses.
I got in the point where SyncSets are successfully saved and restored to GConf, but it's not kept updated, I'll need to change the code a bit more for that to happen (for instance, I kept the XML and the GConf classes with the same interface, so the same code can be used with both, but I'll have to think a way to use GConf deeper in the SyncSet class without making it a hard-dependency for places we cant use it).

I also started a prototype in Glade for the UI. I began a connection manager class to abstract the Conduit Dbus API based on the libconduit code. My idea is that the GUI should survive a Conduit crash, so it must recognize when Conduit is not running and act accordingly. Hopefully implementing it from the start with that in mind will make life easier futher on.

Now that GSoC is past the half, I think I accomplished well the first part of my work. After fixing some of my bugs, Conduit should behave better as a daemon (although I need more benchmarks) and now it's the part about where to use this capability better.

One last thing, next weekend I was going into a trip, and I dont know if or when I'll have internet access, so my report could be delayed (I would still be working on GSoC tough), but now with my brother in the hospital I'm not sure I'll still travel. Also I contacted my ISP and they dont know why I can't connect to SSH servers, even when talkin with their tech manager (which was really hard to find and I almost lost them when I said I was using Linux). When I'm able to I'll commit my latest work.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

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