Re: [Weekly report] Week 5: Conduit

Hey Alexandre,

Some of the research work I did on Coisas (
provided account details and access over dbus and it's written in

Perhaps the code would be inspirational or useful to you.

As other people have said, account management would be very useful. but
avoid GConf as using that would exclude servers, command line only
desktops, KDE and other possible uses.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

On Mon, 2009-06-29 at 23:10 -0300, Alexandre wrote:
> I had my last exam friday, I still have some things to deliver but I
> had some time to hack on Conduit this weekend.
> Basically I hacked on the login centralization on Conduit. This is
> important because users dont want to type their username and passwords
> all the time, so this brings on place to add accounts to Conduit. What
> I did was to create a factory that handles listing accounts and
> creating dataproviders for them. My initial test with the Google and
> Flickr dataproviders worked, but there is still much to do. My feeling
> is that technically, this is quite simple, but I still dont know the
> best way to present it to the user.
> Right now I have some alternatives: keep the dataproviders as is and
> let the user choose an account when it adds the dataprovider to the
> Canvas, or create categories or new dataproviders for each new
> account, similar to how devices are shown, so the user chooses which
> account to use by dragging that account to the Canvas. The former is
> how this is being implemented, for no real reason.
> This work is especially important for my project, because imagine the
> user trying to upload his image in Eye of Gnome to his Flickr account,
> the last thing he wants to do is authenticate with Flickr all the
> time.
> Anyway, this week I will have much more time to work on Conduit, I
> hope I have more to show next monday.
> Alexandre Rosenfeld 
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