Re: FYI: Some notes on getting network sync to work with Firestarter

Thank you, Michael. I don't use Firestarter but I do have some
firewall/routing directives, and they migth be stopping my net sync to
happen. I'll take a look at that when I'm home.

On Wed, 25 Feb 2009 15:37 +0000, "Michael Thompson"
<michaelnt gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
>    just thought I'd write this down somewhere in case someone else
> finds it useful to get syncing between two computers working.
> Firestarter was blocking the avahi broadcast packaets adding the
> following to /etc/firestarter/user-pre will allow these packets
> through.
> $IPT -A INPUT -p udp --dport 5353 -d -j ACCEPT
> $IPT -A OUTPUT -p udp --dport 5353 -d -j ACCEPT
> Also wasn't too obvious how to use the network syncing. On computer A
> you place a source and use a network sink, this should then show up
> automatically in the icon bar on the left on computer B.
> Regards, Michael
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