Re: Problems Testing Conduit on Ubuntu 8.10


On Mon, 26 Jan 2009 18:55:21 +0100
Manuel Rego Casasnovas <mrego igalia com> wrote:
> I'm testing conduit on Ubuntu 8.10.
> I've downloaded and compiled properly the application from SVN and
> I've started to test it.
> I'm trying to test the file synchronization, that should allow to
> upload a file to service.
> When I try to synchronize the program doesn't respond, the problem was
> that I didn't had installed "python-webkitgtk". However this package
> is not a dependency.
> Once I've installed this package the login page is opened, I'm
> able to log in, but after that, when I close the window "Conduit Login
> Manager" I get the next error:
> [Web                 ][DEBUG  ] Delete page (thread: -1209214784)
> (
> Segmentation fault

I've seen that it's already reported at bugtracker:

So, I'll follow the evolution of this issue.

Best regards,

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