[Weekly report] Final report: Conduit

It's been some great weeks working on Google Summer of Code, I'll definetly miss it.

As to my last week of work, coming back to my university slowed down a few things, but the weekend was productive. This week I was finally able to push the latest commits (some from almost a month ago because I had no access to SSH).

I finished most parts of the new UI, but a few things are still missing: there is no refresh (I'm thinking about not having refresh unless there is good arguments for it), there is no conflict window yet (using the current solution is not hard, but I'm thinking about changing it in the future). And there is still some rough edges with a few new features. Here are a few screenshots:


- "Page 1" and "Page 2" is because I just recently made the tabs visible, before it was only controlled by the left sidebar. I'm still thinking about which is better, tabs or the sidebar.
- "Note/tomboy" is because I'm using the datatype as the description to the conduit, which is not working entirely yet.
- Cancel is not connected to any action yet but Sync is working.
- Sync status is shown on the conduit page, but there is much room to improvements (it doesnt work for some cases).

Not everything is availiable at my branch, the changes from this weekend are not commited yet. The branch is located at http://git.gnome.org/cgit/conduit/?h=gsoc09_alexandre (be very carefull as it can blow your data away or make you very angry ;)

What is in the branch:
- Much faster startup speed at the cost of a few modules not loading yet (the Google module is the only one I know so far that doesnt load all the time).
- A prototype of an Account Manager. Now with the new UI it'll be much better to finish.
- A GConf implementation to save and restore Syncsets, which means settings will not be lost if Conduit crashes.

Most of the code needs some polishing before they can go to master, so I'll still be working on fixing the remaining bugs.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

Engenharia de Computação 06
USP São Carlos - EESC / ICMC

Diretor Geral - FoG / The Fellowship of the Game
Contact me Google Talk: MSN: airmind gmail com

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