[Weekly report] Week 10: Conduit

Time is flying, I thought I would give this report on time and now I'm late again.

My commit log:

Alexandre Rosenfeld (5):
      Added GConf backend for SyncSet saving/restoring.
      Another take at fixing categories using modules cache (hopefully it works now).
      Terminate Conduit when an exception occurs when exiting (this works from the GUI too).
      Fixed None values in SyncSetGconf
      Improved verbosity in Gconf and XML syncset backends.

What is not commited yet is that I have extended the GConf support to save Conduits on-the-fly when some parameter changes. It's still missing extending this support for dataproviders confgiuration, but that is not far away.
Also, continuining the DBus GUI, it seems the DBus API does not include all the funcionalities I need. I managed to make a mess trying to export all Conduit objects on start-up and now it seems I need another approach for that problem, probably publishing objects when they are listed, which is one of the functions I need to create. I still need to solve how to support the current API with this approach.

Probably I will be back to my university next week so I'll be able to commit these changes and also track master, which I cant do with my ISP blocking SSH access.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

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