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On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 6:40 PM, Arto Pastinen <arto pastinen gmail com> wrote:

Should conduit ask me the password for sftp connection, if i have
created a shortcut and
define that as a remote folder?

Currently, for me it doesn't. I discuss with some guy in irc and for
him it does..
I have ubuntu 8.10, and i have tried conduit versions 0.3.14 and
0.3.15, also build from
sources, and trunk sources tries both GIO and GnomeVfs filesystems
without success..

You should consider GnomeVfs backend as obsolete. GIO will only be supported in future.

When i drag unmounted folder to group, it doesnt print nothing to log,
instead just show dialog
"The folder contents could not be displayed"
"The specific location is not mounted"

Any hints??

No idea sorry. I just tried syncing over sftp from a remote server of mine to a local folder and it worked fine.

I tried with both svn, and conduit-trunk package from ubuntu (which is = svn anyway)


- Artsi
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