Re: Problems with spaces in file names

2008/9/25 Alexandre <airmind gmail com>
Hi there,

I got a really strange issue where the file name returned by self.get_local_uri() in a File (actually the MediaFile subclass) returns a filename with spaces changed to %20 (just like quote in urllib would do). Is this normal behaviour?
The file in question is being synced by a file source.


I would love to be able to work on this, but I have been out of action for the last two weeks, as  I relocated to France for a PhD exchange, and amongst other problems I have a completely broken ubuntu intrepid install, and I only just regained the ability to commit to svn again (new laptop and SSH key).

Basically I would really appreciate it if someone else could look into this. I am just one man, and have not time over the next week.

This was obviously introduced in the transition to GIO, so the first step in tracking this down is
1) Make a repeatable test case
2) Run this test using the GIO and GnomeVfs backends to identify where the problem is
3) Fix the problem in one/both or common parts of the code.

Basically I would LOVE to be able to fix this, but basically ATM it is impossible for me. All file related tests passed before I commited the file abstraction code so the problem is either
1) New
2) Was previously untested

May I stress again that a repeatable test case added to the test suite is the most important step here.

Apologies that I cannot do more over the next week, Im asking for your help on this one


Alexandre Rosenfeld

EngComp 06 - USP São Carlos

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