Conduit and evolution

Hi folks,

due to broken (not yet implemented) google calendar support in evolution
and because I do not want to send my contact data to google, I am
searching for a solution to sync my 3+ evolution instances (calendar and
contacts) syncing with my mobile would be a plus.

I was pointed to conduit when I asked for support on
evolution-hackers gnome org about how to write my own little syncing

So before doing some work twice, I'd liked to know some facts about

1. can I sync two calendars over the network automagically (and how does
"automagically" work, what network status (fixed ips, open ports, etc)
is required), currently I cannot even sync two local calendars, it
simply locks up.

2. Same question using contacts

3. Is there a way two synchronize over ssh, if not, what would be needed
to code that?




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