Evolution and Maemo


Thanks for getting the Maemo package together.

I'm not having much luck with Evolution on an N800.  It seem like my
problems are with evolution-python, so I don't no how much this belongs

First contacts.  I can create a sync group with Evolution contacts.  But
there are no addressbooks to choose from.  The list is empty.

In a python shell:

>>> import python
>>> evolution.ebook.list_addressbooks()
>>> []

I get an empty list.  Could that have anything to do with the
addressbook being /home/user/.osso-abook/db ?  Doesn't seem like it

Then calendars.  I have the libecal package installed and I do have a
calendar.  Should I be able to create a group with the Evolution
data-provider?  I can drag it over but it wont 'stick'

Again in a python shell

>>> dir(evolution.ecal)

Returns a list without any of the calendar methods (is method the right

I'd be happy to file some bugs but I thought I ask first.



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