Re: evolution dataproviders in 0.3.8

Le mardi 26 février 2008 à 14:55 +0000, John Carr a écrit :
The python-evolution bindings in gutsy are too old I think. The PPA is
building python-evolution 0.0.4 for lpia, i386 and amd64 as i type. If
you install those then your Conduit should show the various Evolution
bits and pieces.

Hmmm. This may explain why I couldn't get calendar network syncing to work (at all) and could not get tasks network syncing working (properly) today, with a gutsy and hardy machine.

I guess I will have to wait for hardy final, have it installed on both machines with the same software versions all over the place before trying again.

One moment where it "almost" worked was with tasks syncing; but conduit didn't realize that they were *already* in sync to begin with, and made duplicate entries all over the place. When I tried again by having the destination computer have a blank tasks folder (I killed the evolution data server processess between each trials), it did not work at all for some reason.

Syncing calendars was most unsuccessful, hanging at 6%, with no results in the end.

Hopefully I'll be luckier when I try again after ubuntu 8.04 is released...

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